Les Eoliennes flottantes du Golfe du Lion, the Occitanie Region, the SEMOP Port-La Nouvelle and Euroports announce the signature of the first support agreement for floating wind turbines in the port of Port-La Nouvelle.

Euroports, operator of the terminal dedicated to Renewable Marine Energies (MRE) in Port-La Nouvelle, and the company Les éoliennes flottantes du golfe du Lion (LEFGL), signed today, in the presence of the Occitanie Region and the SEMOP Port-La Nouvelle, a contract for port services for the deployment of the EFGL project.

EFGL pilot project is to build and operate three 10 MW floating wind turbines, at more than 16 km off the coast of Leucate (Aude, 11) and Le Barcarès (Pyrénées-Orientales, 66). Euroports will assume the logistical support in the port area of the installation phase, including the assembly of the wind turbines on the floats.

An extension is planned for 2026 to extend the terminal, provide it with a new “heavy quay” and enable it to position itself in the overall support of the sector.

For SEMOP Port-La Nouvelle, this is a strong indication of the Port-La-Nouvelle’s positioning in the field of floating wind energy.

About the EFGL project

This pilot farm project is being carried out by the company Les éoliennes flottantes du golfe du Lion (LEFGL), which is responsible for its installation and operation. It was selected following a call for projects by ADEME and supported by the Investissements d’Avenir programme.

LEFGL brings together the complementary skills of Ocean Winds, a joint venture dedicated to offshore wind energy, created and owned by EDP Renewables and ENGIE (50:50), and the Banque des Territoires.


About Euroports

Euroports, one of the largest port-infrastructure companies in Europe, develop, operate and manage global maritime supply-chain solutions for a large number of international customers in various industries. It is Euroports’ mission to be the partner of choice in delivering the highest-quality maritime supply-chain solutions. Euroports accomplish this through 34 deep sea port terminals, 5 Inland terminals and logistic platforms and a workforce of about 3,000 employees, offering a range of value-added services and multimodal global freight forwarding, all with one aim – to deliver sustainable value to the customers.


About SEMOP Port-La-Nouvelle

The SEMOP Port-la Nouvelle, which brings together the Occitanie Region (34%), the Banque des Territoires (15%) and the Nou Vela consortium (51%), has been awarded a 40-year concession contract for the development, operation, management and expansion of the commercial port of Port-La- Nouvelle since 1 May 2021.

The port is now creating a new page in its history with an ambitious extension project to make Port-la-Nouvelle the port of ecological transition and the Mediterranean hub for floating wind energy and green hydrogen. The extension project was started by the Region in 2019 with the construction of new seawalls and the construction of a 250m heavy lift quay dredged to -11m, backed by a 7ha platform ready to receive the EFGL and EolMed pilot wind farm projects from 2022.

SEMOP will continue these extensions with the construction of new terminals (liquid and dry bulk) in a new port basin with a draught of 14.5m, the construction of a 70ha logistics activity zone and the construction of a “green” terminal dedicated to renewable marine energies to accommodate the floating wind farm projects, adding 300m of additional quay and 23ha of land to the existing infrastructure and which will complete the port offer for the wind energy sector from 2026.


About the Occitanie Region

In Port-La Nouvelle, the Occitanie Region is carrying out an ambitious port extension project to develop the floating offshore wind turbine sector in order to position the port as the centre of the energy transition in Occitanie. The Region is mobilising a total budget of €234 million for this extension project, which is essential to be able to accommodate the infrastructures required for the construction, assembly and installation of floating wind turbines. “This first agreement is both a strong act and a contract, and a symbol: in the future, the construction, assembly, towing and maintenance of wind turbines from the port will mobilise numerous companies in the maritime, logistics, lifting, electronics and welding sectors… All of this will have an economic impact on the town’s professionals and shopkeepers, thus revitalising this sector of the coastline. Employment and the ecological transition are my main priorities and I am doing everything I can to meet them,” declared the President of the Occitanie/Pyrénées-Méditerranée Region, Carole Delga.

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