From 7-9 December 2021, EUROPORTS and R-LOGISTIC – both part of R-Logitech group – will be exhibiting together at AntwerpXL 2021: the annual world event exclusively dedicated to maritime breakbulk, held in Antwerp, Belgium.

The port of Antwerp has unique expertise in breakbulk. Thus, from its very first edition in 2019, Antwerp XL immediately became a “one-stop-shop” that connects professionals of breakbulk and shipping companies from all over the world to build strong business relationships and discover business opportunities. It is designed to the enhance skills, knowledge and expertise of attendees, and to promote innovative technology.


The presence of EUROPORTS and R-LOGISTIC as one entity will be a chance for both to affirm their determination to develop commercial and operational synergies – especially between the African continent and the largest logistics platforms in Europe.

Their inaugural participation is also the result of a desire to strengthen the creation of inter-subsidiary value chains led by Frederic Platini, CEO of R-LOGITECH, which has been key to the growth of both entities.

Commenting on R-LOGISTIC’s contribution to this event, Joaquin GOMEZ-YANCI, Group Deputy CEO of R-LOGISTIC, says: “Alongside EUROPORTS, this major event is a great opportunity for our team to get closer to our European customers and to offer them the most suitable solutions for their projects in West and Central Africa.”

R-LOGITECH is an international infrastructure and logistics services provider, looking forward to new opportunities in the natural resources industry that focus on new commodities.

Over the years, as the largest port infrastructure operator, EUROPORTS has developed a unique expertise in offering maritime supply chain solutions to international customers in targeted industry sectors.

Each year, more than 60 million tonnes of bulk, breakbulk, containerised goods and liquid are handled.

“EUROPORTS stands out for their breakbulk terminal, TA1207, Antwerp, the largest breakbulk terminal in Continental Europe with excellent access to trimodal logistics. This terminal is also one of the most flexible and diversified terminals in Continental Europe. It serves as a critical hub for forest products, steel and non-ferrous metals, including temperature-controlled facilities for fresh and frozen foods.” says Kris DHONDT, Commercial Director of EUROPORTS.

Capitalising on EUROPORTS’ assets, R-LOGISTIC is able to offer innovative technical and operational solutions to its customers and to the public authorities of the host countries.

Characterised by its geographical network that spans from West to Central Africa, R-LOGISTIC has developed a strong knowledge of these countries, offering customers tailor-made logistics solutions that perfectly meet the challenges at hand. The pair will also take advantage of the opportunity to present TRACK & TRACE: the logistic follow-up system developed by the Group. The technology allows users to follow the status of all shipments coming from and going to Africa in real-time, therefore allowing total visibility across all aspects of the supply chain process.

Frederic concludes:

“We are eager to further develop our network in new areas, and will be focusing on the commodities of the future and following our clients in their global operations. With both our existing and new terminals dedicated to renewable energy, we are ready to contribute to the necessary transformation of the economy in order to reduce our carbon footprint and become an essential player for our industrial partners.”


EUROPORTS currently operates in 21 deep-sea terminals, 5 inland river terminals and 7 on-site logistics terminals.
EUROPORTS deals with commodities that are essential for the global economy and assists customers in the design, operation and management of maritime supply chain solutions that deliver sustainable competitive advantages.

EUROPORTS’ core business is centred around port operations, complemented by value-added services and freight forwarding.

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With more than 35 years’ experience, R- LOGISTIC operates through a network of 14 agencies, distributed between West and Central Africa.
R-LOGISTIC provides innovative and integrated multimodal logistic solutions in Africa across the supply chain.

These solutions adapt to the most complex conditions: conventional and containerised freight, industrial projects, oversized equipment, sensitive materials, transport, and cold storage.

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