We offer complete procurement solutions in the natural resources sector. Through our entities, we are able to assist customers working in complex environments such as geographically remote sites, areas with underdeveloped infrastructure networks or geopolitically sensitive locations.


R-Logitech services range from purchasing services to structured solutions. Our solutions are characterised by flexibility and the ability to scale and adapt to the meet the needs of both large and small clients.

The Group network forms a wide presence and this includes significant expertise in Africa with strong capabilities in Algeria, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Mali, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Niger, Ghana, and Mozambique.

Through our entities we are able to provide:

  • Integrated Supply Chain solutions based on our core logistics capabilities and experience

Our specialised logistics solutions are geared for the most complex and sensitive environment, providing amongst others:

  • Conventional and containerised cargo
  • Industrial Project and Special Equipment
  • Sensitive materials
  • Refrigerated transport and storage solutions
  • Warehousing solutions including storage and full facility management
  • Mining transport and logistics solutions
  • Industrial vehicles and fleet management services

R-Logitech source and maintain equipment and vehicles mainly for use in the natural resources sector. We build on the knowledge and experience of the Group and have skilled engineers and mechanics on the ground. Our entities provide input at all stages from pre sales advice, deliveries to site and aftersales services including maintenance and replacement parts.


Outsourcing procurement services to the wider Monaco Resources Group and to customers in the Energy, Mining and Agri industries as well as NGO’s and Governmental institutions



R- Logitech Group offer solutions in relation to pipelines and pipeline networks. This enables suppliers and importers of natural products to safely transport raw materials and provide utilities to sites.

Our specialist teams are able to design and deliver new pipeline networks and monitor and repair existing pipelines.  We draw on engineering, topographic and legal capabilities and have skills to develop at both unoccupied sites and built up areas.

With a trusted client base including multinationals and Governments, through our entities we are able to advise and negotiate on behalf of international clients as well as protect the integrity of materials flowing through pipes.

Furthermore we offer maintenance services to customers relating to equipment within the natural resources sector.