Monaco, 24th June 2024 R-Logitech S.A., a subsidiary of R-Logitech S.A.M. based in Luxembourg, has completed the sale of a portion of its shares in Thaumas N.V. to its co-shareholders in Thaumas, PMV and SFPIM (as purchasers). The sale is made on the basis of an agreement with its co-shareholders on a share purchase and joint resale of such portion of Thaumas shares that is sufficient to finance the repayment of the secured mezzanine facility of R-Logitech S.A. which matures today. As a consequence of the transaction, the mezzanine facility has been repaid today, and R-Logitech is no longer the majority shareholder in Thaumas.

As indicated in the invitation to vote published on 7 June 2024, the transaction not only eliminates the repayment obligation due, it is also a first step towards a timely sale of the entire 53% stake in Thaumas held by R-Logitech S.A. which will now be pursued jointly by all three shareholders of Thaumas. The proceeds from the sale, subject to a certain compensation to the purchasers over themezzanine repayment amount, will be for the benefit of R-Logitech’s bondholders and new money providers as set out in the invitation to vote published in June 2024. The Company calls on all bondholders to participate in the voting process closing today.



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